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    Privacy policy

    This website [www.entwoop.com] sometimes collects information from visitors and maintains them properly without sharing any personal information with another party. No data is sold to any other users or parties for business purpose. Please read below other’s point of policy that is associated with this website.

    About uses of Cookies

    This website always makes sure about maintaining cookies for better users experience while they visit the website. During user first visit, depending of the necessity this website uses a cookie control system for the user to run or block in their desktop/tablet/ mobile or any other device. Cookies on the websites are small files that can save information from visitors by tracking their browsing and storing information provided by visitors, before doing that visitors are always informed before. This saved information allows the website provide better service to the users that can be related with their use.

    Users can always take their decision to run or block cookies from the website by taking some necessary steps within their browser security settings and visit the website easily without having any difference in service. Apart from us Google Adsense, a third party Advertisement Company can use cookies to provide relevant ads on this site.


    Users should feel free to contact with us about any issues like if they feel any problem or queries about this website and its privacy statement. User’s comments are taken into account to increase the service and standard of this website.