• She Walked Around The City Only Having Paint On Body (9 Images)


    People make tattoos on their bodies with unique stuff, like human faces, names, words,symbols. This tattoos can be temporary or permanent , but it is difficult to see tattoo on a person of her body open and also at public places. Lady in the picture seems perfectly dressed clothes from top to bottom but when […]

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    Construction work is the toughest thing to do in the world. we seen the 7 wonders of the world in which we have how beautifully people have constructed the beautiful Taj Mahal , pyramids , effiel tower and other. there are other unrecognisable construction is in the world which is not yet recognised but we […]

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    Here, for more than a decade of Martins life, and how he fought through all his life and which shows how his success story is. First, at the age of 12 he suffered from a serious illnesss,he was born in South Africa, he was a average child, he was suffering from sore throat, and it […]

    It Was Not A Baby In Her Womb But Was Such A Shocking Thing! (4 Images)


    A birth to baby is every woman’s dream. At some point,child is something that mother wants to get attached whom she can love as much as she can whole her life. . But it’s really sad and heartbreaking when you think you are pregnant, and your doctor says NO!!! Madalina thought she was pregnant, as […]

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    Its never an Easy to get an selfie, which much a trend in Facebook, whatsup and all social media, and we all love it. it doesn’t matter any age in having an selfie, we just want to look good. here is some tips 1) Expressions Expressions are the most important part of selfie or any […]