• 11 Things on Earth Which Can’t Be Explained (11 Images)

    We believe that Earth is not as old as we think and its been 1000s of years human living on earth and we know the facts since then but and also aware that before human dinosaurs used to live on the earth. There are many stories has circulated that aliens created the earth and created human but we don’t full evidence of it. There are many things need to be explained but it can’t. can we ever going to know the real fact on the earth. Lets try to find out


    1) Voynich Manuscript

    Scientist been trying break the code this Voynich Manuscript since 15th century but they unable to find the answer. So what is it? what is it written in it? 2 scientist came forward to find something about manuscript and one of them found that it can be ancient mexican language on the other hand another scientist thought it is in asian language but it is still not proven.
    It is still a mystery in our history that what is written.

    Earth 1

  • 11 Things on Earth Which Can’t Be Explained (11 Images)

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